Nadia Kist Photography: Blog en-us (C) Nadia Kist Photography (Nadia Kist Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:30:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:30:00 GMT Nadia Kist Photography: Blog 89 120 Plus One = Full Hearts After a much needed break, I am back behind the camera! And there is no other family that could have prompted me out of my sabbatical than this one, and for the celebration of their new plus one! Welcome to the world baby boy! We are thrilled to welcome you home and capture your very early days of life  with a photoshoot!  It never ceases to amaze me how families always feel whole until the arrival of a new baby, and then hearts and homes expand to a true completion. The capacity of the heart to love to its fill and yet never stop expanding is a miracle of the divine.  It's a gift to be able to witness this with every baby photoshoot that I have the honor of doing. This photoshoot incorporated a mix of finishes that included retro faded matte, bold natural colors and selected black and whites. Special shout out to the patriarch of the house whose creative eye provided amazing direction and vision. 

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Baby Bump in The Forest I had the great privilege of doing a maternity photo session with a lovely couple expecting their first child. Although the rain interrupted our first attempt, we were able to catch a perfect sunny December morning in Nairobi's Karura Forest for a magical session in among the trees and at Karura's majestic waterfall. The session lended well to a set mixing natural color, vintage jewel tones and some matted black and white finishes.  This amazingly kind couple were such troopers, mama especially! Trecking through the forest (over two sessions no less) in the efforts of capturing this moment in time,  while pregnant is no feat to underestimate. Their kind and life-loving energy came through each frame! Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!



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When a Community Comes Together... Earlier this year I visited communities in the northern region of Tigray in Ethiopia.  Of all my visits to Ethiopia prior to this, I had never travelled outside of Addis. We visited one of our partner organizations working with rural communities that do not have access to clean water and adequate sanitation. I love my work. Have I said this before? It is endlessly inspiring to see the hope and promise of communities mobilizing their own will and resources to address their greatest development needs. In a world that sometimes feels so filled with despair and heartache, I consider this a gift and a blessing to see goodness and mercy in the farthest corners of communities often off the radar of mainstream news and media. I want to dedicate this to the amazingly hospitable and generous people of Makele who welcomed us into their homes, schools and community gatherings to celebrate the inauguration of deep water wells brought to them through the partnership of Drop of Water and Blood:Water. Please enjoy this visual celebration of people whose generosity and commitment, (I only hope) compels each one of us to look inward and to our immediate surroundings and  ask the question: What do we need? What can I do? What can I offer? 






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Their Fairytale Continues... Go back in time with me one year. Karura Forest was our backdrop. A loving couple, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby, were my clients. It was a magical photoshoot. Something out of a fairytale storybook. How absolutely thrilling for me to get to do another shoot for them one year later, with their beautiful and joyful baby out and about, laughing and giggling through the same forest we walked months back. So, its only suiting to say that their fairytale continues. A new chapter with pages yet to be written. How absolutely wonderful! Here are some of my personal favorites! Enjoy.

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We Heart Nairobi Life is about our connections to the people around us. Its through those relationships that we experience and enjoy our lives in full. I had the great honor of doing a photoshoot a pair of brothers. It was just dedicated to them: to capture this moment in time and this season of their lives.  It reminded me just how uniquely special the bond is between siblings. Its a bond of friendship, silliness, understanding and unconditional love. This duo was oozing the sibling love and it was such a privilege to capture this for the entire family.  Set in Nairobi's Arboretum, we took advantage of the rainy season to incorporate some fun props and set a more playful tone for the shoot. True to my style, I maintained the bold natural colors of the frames but also played around with tone and texture for an alternatively vintage feel. Enjoy! 

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Its Magic! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am a firm believer that your portraits should capture the essence of who you are - at the core. If your personality, style and character doesn't come through, then I haven't done my job well. And when YOU shine through, well.. ITS MAGIC! Kind of like that song by Pilot in the 70's! :)  Well, thats how I strive to approach every session with my clients. One of my more recent shoots reminded me of just how important this is! And I just adore the final product!


What a joy it was to meet this trio and the warmth and cheekiness that their love for one another and life exudes! Set in the backdrop of Dari Restaurant (this is becoming a family favorite huh!), the early morning lighting set the bright and fresh edits on part of the set, and the shaded garden foliage allowed for much warmer bold colors, and a select with some jewel toned hues. I just love that I get to do this!  And I am so deeply grateful for every session that I have just to see this at the end. Enjoy! 



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A Time to Remember Happy New Year friends! With the blink of an eye its 2018! Time sure does fly, doesn't it? All the more of a reminder how important it is to remember to live in the here and now. To take the time to create memories and capture the moments we share with our loved ones. One day you are chasing around toddlers, then the next moment your kids are off and away to school! There is never a time more precious than the here and now.

And with this in mind, I was asked by this lovely family to do a portrait session for the simple reason of wanting to remember this time, right now, where they are at as a family. It may sound cliche but I truly count this an honor. Set in the lovely garden backdrop of Dari Restaurant in Karen, mom and her two lovely children were true sports entertaining my moving them around to different corners of the garden for just the right mix of frames for them to remember this moment in time. As always, my edits stay true to style of photography: I maintained the bold natural coloring of each frame, with a select few finished with a pink hue for a warmer feel. Of course, the ever loved black and whites as well. Enjoy! And, don't forget to capture your moments in time as well. 

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Cake Smash Your Way to ONE! Milestones are the greatest gifts we have. Distinct points in time, or events that come with the passing of time that simply demand to be celebrated!   What better a way to celebrate the milestone of turning 1 than with CAKE! Better yet, a CAKE SMASH! Oh what fun it was to see the joy of this little angel digging into a cake just for her and shovel hand-fulls of yummy goodness into her mouth and all over herself in the process! For this family, we incorporated chalk overlays to share the milestone with friends and family. The final set reflected a nice mix of natural color, faded matte and antiqued black and white finishes for a diverse range of options for the family to print and share. Enjoy.... and if you need some cake in your life, be sure to holler at Cake Crumble who is our Bakery of choice for all cake smash sessions! 


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Why We Fight. A Tribute to the HIV/AIDS Response In honor of World AIDS Day 2017, I wanted to compile a post of photos that reflect some of the impactful moments I experienced in my work within the HIV/AIDS response in Africa. I remember the moment when I knew what my life's work would be about. It was a moment. A single introduction to a woman at the end of her life in Mathare North in 1999. She has stayed with me up to now. I still have her photo in my home up to today. I remember everything about our time together. Every detail.

Every person I know who works in this field connects back to a person. Today we honor those people: Many with us in spirit. Many more with us in LIFE. Every single person who has been touched directly or indirectly. Those who research, those who advocate, those who respond in powerful and often unseen ways; those who live in courageous vulnerability to empower others. Every single beautiful, unique, irreplaceable and precious life that connects back to a fight that is worth giving EVERYTHING to and for. I honor you today and everyday.

"Someday, the AIDS crisis will be over. Remember that. And when that day comes, when that day has come and gone, there’ll be people alive on this Earth, gay people and straight people, men and women, black and white, who will hear the story that once there was a terrible disease in this country and all over the world, and that a brave group of people stood up and fought and, in some cases, gave their lives, so that other people might live and be free. So I’m proud to be with my friends today and the people I love, because I think you’re all heroes, and I’m glad to be part of this fight..." 

Vito Russo
Why We Fight


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Fall Family-Portrait Fun! Oh how I love autumn! Its my favorite season the world over! It was great to be in New York to watch the leave colors turn, for the first time in years! And what was even more thrilling, was to be able to photograph this dear family (who just so happens to be part of my family). We captured this milestone with the amazingly colorful backdrop of fall, set in one of Long Island's parks. They were such troopers too, for braving the cold!

For this set, I maintained the natural and bold colors for the majority of the frames, with a select few finished with a grainy and high-contrasted black and white. Baby, we are SO excited to meet you! Hurry and get here soon! Enjoy.



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Happily Ever After  Do you know how cool it is to be a family's go-to-photographer? Not gonna lie....Its pretty awesome! To see a family grow and change over time is a gift and an honor. From pregnancy to birth announcements, annual portraits to 1st year milestones of the babies, I have watched this one special family grow over time from 2 to 4. This last session capped off the many moments in their youngest's first year of life with a First Birthday Photoshoot! Mom didn't want to the usual cake smash for a theme... She chose balloons! The bright garden backdrop allowed a mix of matte faded finishes with bold natural edits. The best bit of all, is that this same location was where we shot his birth announcement a year and a half earlier. People often talk about life as a story with many chapters. The stories that make up our lives are different for each of us, but they all have a happily ever after in their own unique and perfect way if you write it with joy and gratitude. Here's to one family's happily ever after and this little guys first birthday! 



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Saying I Do They say there is a first time for everything! "I don't do weddings"...or at least is what I always said. But, when my photo-assistant INSISTED I shoot their photo session, I couldn't say no.  Set in the Olulua Nature Trails in Karen, this fun-loving couple wanted to have a mix of  romantic and humorous frames to mark their big day.  Using only natural lighting and very minimal edits (true to my style), we held a mini-shoot in the middle of a jam packed day! Aaaaaaaah love! Can you just feel it?   So I guess from now on, if I'm asked whether I shoot weddings, now I can also say "I do!" See what I did there? HA! "Enjoy! 

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Once upon a Time... There is something extraordinarily special about having the chance to freeze moments in time with a photograph. Especially when it marks awaiting the arrival of a new life into this world. I recently had the honor to do a maternity session for a lovely couple in the beautiful and expansive Karura Forest. The colors, the lighting and the love that was felt in each frame created something truly magical!  It felt like I was editing the illustration for a mondern-day fairytale, complete with a setting in the enchanted forest! To honor this feel provided by the setting, I edited to maintain bold jewel tones in either natural or matted coloring. As difficult as it was to pick a few favorites from this photoshoot,  enjoy the highlights below. 


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Tiny Ears, fingers and Toes Newborn photo sessions are my favorite. They are also the most labor intensive and hard to execute on. So when they are completed, they are definitely the most rewarding. I am excited to share these frames from one of the recent newborn sessions I held for the sweetest little week-old angel and her adoring family. I love when clients have a clear vision in mind for what they want. This family wanted to capture the details with this milestone in their family. Tiny, itty-bitty fingers and toes, nose and ears. All the things that make everyone go gaga over a newborn! We had quite a range of backdrops giving this session a very diverse feel. Be prepared for your heart to melt.... Don't say I didn't warn you! Enjoy! 

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We Put the FUN in DysFUNctional Nothing makes me happier than clients with a sense of humor! So when I asked my client what customized message she wanted for the chalkboard, her request had me laughing out loud with a happy heart! I had the great privilege of shooting a session for three siblings and their growing families. Let me tell you, laughter was the theme of the day. When there is such joy between people, photography becomes an instrument to simply capture a still-in-time that reflects what exists rather than creating something new. For this shoot, set at the Nairobi Aboretum (my new favorite shooting-ground by the way), I edited to maintain the natural color of each frame. There were a select few with matted textures and B&W. Hoewever, I felt big, bold, true to life color would best honor the spirit that I felt come through this family with each frame we shot! Enjoy! 



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Cake Lovers' Delight Its not only cookies that crumble! All manner of delicious baked yummies do! But the best ones have you chasing every last crumb that's left on your plate. This weekend I had the honor of doing a photo shoot for the newly launched bakery Cake Crumble. Its very rare that product photography sessions actually include edible items, however this wonderful photo-shoot turned cake and cookie tasting party was a treat for all who attended! Good people, not all cakes are created equal. But, if you are lucky, you will come across a baker whose magic hands can whip up something truly memorable and flavorful beyond belief. To say these cakes are divine is an understatement! My personal favorite: Vanilla. Hands down the best cake I have eaten to date! 

For this shoot I applied a combination of natural lighting and diffused flash lighting to preserve the integrity of the fresh product. I aimed to capture a diverse mix of wide views and close detailed frames to highlight the barker's skill and attention to detail. We made sure to include customized chalkboard messages as part of the package, which gives a rustic feel that reflects each bite: comforting like home but a professionally memorable finish. Visit Cake Crumble's Facebook page for more information. Enjoy and as Cake Crumble says, "Taste the Happy Moments!"  


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Mom & Dad are Getting Me a Human! I had the great joy of doing a maternity photoshoot for a lovely couple expecting their first child. This fun-loving couple reached out with one specific request: To incorporate their beloved dog, that in many ways has felt like their baby all these years.  Not a problem! We incorporated two locations for this session, lots of doggy treats and a consultation-plan that gave us ample inspiration to work with bringing in this big cuddly fur-baby into the session. This blog is short- and sweet: Four frames dedicated to this four-legged family member and his soon to arrive human sibling (re: the bump). Enjoy


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When a Stranger Impacts Your Life Forever Ethiopia has a very special place in my heart. It doesn't hurt that I look Ethiopian so standing out like a sore thumb isn't part of my travel experience in the country. However, what truly makes it meaningful for me are the people who I have the honor of meeting with, learning from and being offered an authentic vulnerability in almost every interaction that restores my faith in humanity. That may sound a bit dramatic but, It's sincere. When the openness and kindness of a stranger can move you to tears, you know there is something extraordinary about their view of community and relationship. This is my experience every visit of mine to Addis. My visit last month was no exception.

From the married couple I met 3 years ago whose love story still moves me today just as profoundly as it did at our first meeting, to the enthusiastic and hopeful entrepreneur whose life continues to be transformed by opportunity and grace in the news of winning a housing lottery from the government. The new mother who joyfully celebrated the birth of her first child after decades of difficulty conceiving; Or the sisters who were reunited across two continents after years of separation and illness. And Lastly, the endless compassion and servant leadership by the organization that serves this particular community, and the hope that is restored through building self-efficacy and resilience physically, emotionally and spiritually: I am consistently moved to tears by the love that is experienced through the most basic of relationship  and connectivity in this one community in Addis.

Please enjoy this photo journey so dear to my heart, which captures moments shared  in the households of some of Addis Ababa most incredible families. My wish is that you feel the warmth and love that I experienced in their presence.  I chose to alternate between natural color and black and white, with a deliberately high-grain and sharper finish for an effect that I feel expresses the beauty of each frame. 

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Malawi in Color I spent 8 days in some of the most remote communities in southern Malawi across three districts, visiting water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and HIV/AIDS response programs run by local community organizations. As we journeyed off road into some of the most hard to reach areas of rural Malawi, I was awe struck by the beauty of the landscape. I dedicated my last blog to the people who are giving their life's work to serve their communities. This blog, in full color, captures not only some of the same faces but their work in action. These highlight some of my favorite images captured during the visit to Blantyre, Balaka and Neno communities of Malawi. Enjoy



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Dedicated to The People Who Fight There is tremendous strength and incredible wealth when communities come together to fight for their needs and rights. This photo blog is dedicated to the people who fight on behalf of their families and communities in the most remote parts of southern Malawi. The mothers, fathers, grandmothers, teachers, elders, chiefs and children: Who show up for one another everyday in difficult circumstances to ensure support groups are organized, community child care centers are running, clean water and sanitation facilities are in place and HIV-related stigma is combatted. This is dedicated to the amazing people I met on my visit to there districts in southern Malawi this month, who shared their experiences with us so graciously that we may share with others. 


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Baby's 6 Months! A baby's first year is marked with many milestones, and turning 6-months is definitely one that deserves a photoshoot! Here are a few favorites from this sweet little angel's 6-month milestone. With Nairobi's Arboretum as our backdrop, the sunshine breaking through the trees created a naturally truly dreamy effect. I felt inspired to maintain the natural color for each frame but opted for a select few to feature a matted black and white, or rustic antique finish. Enjoy!


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Coastal Getaway Real Estate is a new area of photography for me. I was happy to expand my portfolio and jump into this for dear friends who requested a photoshoot of their costal property. One hour from the Malindi Airport, and 10 Km off the road (and grid for that matter), you will find this gorgeous property, self-sustaining and environmental-friendly.  It has a uniquely simple and modern design which creates the perfect frame- for the interior design that represents elements of traditional  Swahili  culture with an updated touch. Its perfection. Its a perfect harmony of old and new. Bright neutral colors allows for the backdrop of the clear blue water, lush green forest and bright tropical flowers that surround the structure.  We purposed to capture both day and nighttime shots for visitors to get a sense of  how warm and magical the ambiance is throughout one's stay. 


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Family Life Outside The Box Would I like to do a photoshoot for a magazine spread? YES PLEASE! A few months back I had the great honor to capture this lovely mother of two who was the focus of a Norwegian magazine feature.  The article entitled, " Family life Outside the Box," highlights her remarkable life, balancing very rewarding yet taxing work in Somalia with a loving family-life in Nairobi. We had a session together which doubled as a family portrait shoot.  There is something endlessly special about capturing a family portraits; perhaps its my favorite of all the sessions I offer.  In a series of frames, It captures the beautiful connectedness that is shared among people that can often be overlooked in the business of the day to day routine of life. But that love and connection is what keeps us going strong. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy! 



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Welcome Baby Owen I'm excited to share one of my recent newborn photoshoots welcoming this little bundle of love into the world. Less than 10 days old and already stealing the hearts of everyone he meets. Newborn shoots are both the most fun but also the most challenging. So we were so lucky that not only was this little baby boy totally asleep for most of the session (with no poop-mishaps along the way), but his big brother was also a super-duper champ! He melts my heart every time with his cheerful smile and cheeky little laughs.  

The session involved the whole family, mixing portraits with with the more traditional newborn set-up: We used a variety of backdrops and outfits to capture a diverse set of ideas and styling.  I was also very excited to put to use a set of new props I have accumulated over the last year of knitted goodies to keep baby super warm and extra cuddly-cute! My go-to lenses on this shoot: 50 mm prime and 50mm macro. Enjoy! 





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Royal Enfield: Bikes with Class Now, I don't have much experience with motorcycles. To be honest, they terrify me. I have never ridden one nor felt the urge to. That being said, My photoshoot with the good people at Halifax Motors Kenya definitely had me thinking twice. Their bikes are on a whole other level. With both modern and vintage designs, its a super classy brand can convert even the most cautious of motorist. The team was looking for shots of their current merchandise to use for web, print and other media work. We kept the frames in their natural color, getting both full frame shots of the bikes, as well as some detailed frames to focus on the power and beauty in their design. If you are interested in getting on a two wheeler with serious power and class, you should head on down to their showroom and test one out. Here are some of my favorites from this shoot. 

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Return of the Baby Bump! I couldn't help with this title! My most recent photoshoot holds great meaning to me. The amazing family I took maternity photos for is a family very near and dear to my heart. I actually attribute how far I have come in my photography work to them. My very first portrait session was their maternity photos back when they were newlyweds expecting theirs first child! Needless to say a lot has transpired since then. So, to find ourselves together again full circle at this super fun destination baby-bump shoot for their second child, was very meaningful for me! 

Its actually rare that you get to work with the same family more than once or twice. In this case, I have had the honor to watch this family grow from behind the lens and over the years. The photos were taken at Hells Gate National Park in Kenya. Enjoy and feel the love :) !











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Shit Just Got Real! Your photos are meant to capture you and your loved ones, just as you are - personality, style and yes... HUMOR! So, when my super hilarious and fun-loving friends got engaged what else was there to do but have a crazy fun photoshoot to match their quirkiness! This was hands down the most fun-filled photoshoot I've been a part of to date!! This nautical loving couple wanted to incorporate their light hearted and very comical natures by recreating a faux-wedding photo they had taken months before any question was popped! I chose to keep the editing natural for these frames, but also incorporated some matting, because of the lovely rustic feel it adds. Hope they make you smile as much as they make me smile! Enjoy!




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Autumn In Nairobi? Confused by the title? I know what you are thinking, "Nairobi doesn't have an autumn!" Well, you may be right but these pics sure give a different feel. I had the honor of shooting this lovely family recently who wanted to kick off the year with updated portraits. The backdrop for our session was a lovely and expansive garden. The combination of the natural lighting and the scenery almost recreated the feel of just when the Fall begins. Maybe that's just the nostalgic New Yorker in me, but I think you will agree that the warmth of these photos gives a whole different feel to the usual January in Nairobi! Or maybe its the warmth that this family radiates when you are around the three of them together! In all cases, this was a joy to shoot and edit. I hope you will enjoy as well!



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On Pense a Vous! There is a great satisfaction that comes with sitting at your desk with the final edits of a family portrait session. Being able to capture the joy and love that is shared among a family is a privilege that is truly special. As a photographer, there are some things - no matter how skilled you are- you can never enhance in the frames you develop. That is the connectedness that is shared among people. And when it is there, it adds a warmth and magic to a photo that makes it really exceptional. I could feel that going through the film of this family portrait session. It certainly made editing down the final set of frames super hard!  Such a lovely family. Here are some of my favorites from this portrait session that also includes customized a customized message for the holiday season. Enjoy!



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"Make It Work!" Recently I did my first fashion shoot. And, as I quickly came to learn, is an entirely different ballgame from portraits and street. But in the words of Fashion guru Tim Gun, we had to "Make it Work!" I get my tailored clothing made with MEFA Creations where their attention to detail and tailoring is just impeccable. I was thrilled when the owner and designer of MEFA asked me to do a shoot to capture their collection for upcoming web and print media! I did the entire shoot with natural light and only used a diffused flash for some of the indoor shots. Here are a few of my favorites.




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Twende Bongo Took a few days off for some R&R in Zanzibar. It wasn't enough time to really take in everything, but I did have an incredible walking tour of Stone Town where I learned just how unique and rich the history of this archipelago is. Also caught some lovely images of the beach and some fresh off the tree spice at a community run spice-farm. Karibuni Bongo!  These images, and others from this set, are available purchase as products or digital download. 


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... And Then there were 4! I had the honor to do a combined family and new born photoshoot for a lovely family recently. We were able to play around with the lighting and sets to get such a vast array of shots. For this shoot I was able to apply a matte finish for a lovely touch to the photos. Matting can be tricky, it doesn't lend to just any shot - but for these it worked perfectly! Such a hard task to edit down! So enjoy an even longer than usual photoblog! 


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Water is Life Continuing in the visual journey of my time in Ndola, Zambia I  wanted to create a separate blog entry for some particularly powerful images that capture my visit and the story of these communities. Enjoy! These images, and others from this set, are available purchase as products or digital download. 


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Children of Ndola: A B&W Tribute I went back to the Copperbelt region of Zambia for work this past week. We journeyed into many communities visiting water, hygiene and sanitation projects in this area where access to these services are limited. Maybe it was being in a larger group of foreigners, but everywhere we went, children would crowd all around us with curiosity and excitement!  I wanted to dedicate a blog entry to these lovely, sweet and super engaging kids, who made the week a lot more enjoyable just with their smiles, games and songs that moved with us from community to community. Enjoy, this particular entry capturing their beauty in B&W. These images, and others from this set, are available for purchase as products or digital download. 



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Chao Bambino! I had the honor of photographing this little 10-day-old angel. Every shoot is different. Every baby unique in their own ways. Most memorable about this shoot was how alert and wide awake he was (not common for a newborn at his age)... And the adoring love that his parents were radiating watching with pride from the side of every set-up. His papa affectionately calling him bambino, soothing him at even a glimpse of upset. It was such a joy, as well as a learning experience. Here are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Sun, 21 Jun 2015 20:53:51 GMT
Don't Fool Yourself... I'm Still #1 I had the joy and privilege of doing a baby-bump photoshoot for a special family expecting their second child in about a month. This was also the first shoot I did that had a furry four-legged friend in the mix as well! And what a challenge it was to keep the interest of a two year old as well as his dog. Note to self: Wide open spaces induces aimless running for both! We had a great morning session at one of Long Island's parks. My favorite thing about this amazing family is their sense of humor, captured best in the chalk-board messages. As we wait to welcome the new baby, we also celebrate the love and friendship this family is built upon! Enjoy!



]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Long Island New York baby bump family portraits maternity maternity photos pregnancy Wed, 10 Jun 2015 12:35:30 GMT
Costal Beauty I took my camera with me on a short getaway to Mombasa. Nature is a gem all its own with surprising beauty in the details, the shadows, the shoreline and the creatures that flutter around it all. Enjoy

]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Tue, 19 May 2015 19:18:23 GMT
Turning One With Love If these big baby blues don't make your heart melt, then I don't know what will! This little guy is turning 1! What a great milestone to capture then a family photo shoot with mommy and daddy in their backyard under the Nairobi sunshine! What fun this afternoon was. This lovely couple, whom I call my friends, are so tuned into the truth of the famous saying, "it takes a village to raise a Child." With that meaning so much to them, Mom and dad wanted to send an extra special message their their friend's and family, who saw them through their first year as parents to this special little guy. We were able to capture that with a custom chalk-board message. Enjoy! 

]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Nairobi Nardella Portraits baby photos family portraits Nairobi first year Wed, 01 Apr 2015 15:49:31 GMT
Humans of Addis Part II I returned back to Ethiopia last week to follow-up on the work of one of our partner organizations is doing. If you read on the about me page, I am a public health practitioner by day. I was brought back to the Suki community, an informal settlement on the slope of a mountain in Addis Ababa. Here are a few of my favorites from this visit. The lovely faces and sights. The stories they tell are powerful visually, apart from the narrative that I heard along the way. Enjoy.





]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Addis Ababa Ethiopia Suki Sun, 22 Mar 2015 08:45:10 GMT
Coming Soon... Memories stay with us in our minds, our hearts... And our picture frames! What better way to make them last a lifetime than to capture the most important milestones as they come? Last month I had the great joy to capture the excitement of one couple's soon to be arriving baby boy!  Excitement was the theme of the day,  amidst the "any day now" chatter we shared between shots.  Here are just a few favorites of this baby-bump shoot! 






]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) baby bump maternity photos maternity shoot portraits pregnancy Mon, 02 Mar 2015 16:05:15 GMT
"Say Hi If You Want Ice Cream!" What a joy it was to do a family shoot for dear friends of mine this weekend. You may be confused by the title :) Shooting little ones is no small task! And this was the phrase of choice that got our littlest member of the family to pose, smile and sometimes wave, when heat and boredom were getting to him! Shot at the beautiful backdrop of the UN compound, this family is just oozing with love for one another and you can feel it in every picture!  I applied some different techniques here in the editing process, playing with matted textures, lighting and color. Enjoy and remember: memories remain alive in the mind and in a still photograph! There is nothing more precious that the two combined.







]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) UN family portraits love memories portraits Sun, 18 Jan 2015 05:12:03 GMT
Merry Christmas Its that amazingly wonderful, joyously gluttonous, merrily Christmasy time of the year!  What says Christmas time better than am impromptu shoot with the sweetest little boy I know (and his furry friend).  I had the joy of doing a quick holiday shoot for my nephew for a family christmas card! Let me tell you: Nothing is more difficult than getting a very active 2 year old and his dog to sit still enough to hit the trigger on my camera, especially when its past his bed time and sugar may or may not be in the mix ;) Hope you all had wonderfully blessed holidays with your loved ones. Enjoy the few still frames we managed to shoot! 

]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) christmas christmas card family portraits kenya Nairobi Nairobi Photographer portraits Mon, 05 Jan 2015 07:22:45 GMT
Namaste My favorite place to practice yoga is Acacia Studios.   It really does have the best variety and best instruction that I have ever experienced in any city I've lived and practiced! So it was great fun to have the chance to work with the team from Acacia and a bunch of wonderful models to do a photoshoot that highlights what the studio has to offer! And what more relaxing a backdrop than Karura Forest,  an oasis in the heart of Nairobi's busy city. In spite of the occasional safari ant and passing rain cloud or two, I would say it was a great success! We moved the second half of the shoot into the studio for some super cool macro shots and floor poses. Look for these in upcoming marketing and social media posts from the studio itself. And if you haven't already tried out a classr two. GO! For this shoot we played around with light, color and texture, both in pre and post processing. And if you haven't already tried out a class or two. Your Body will thank you! 


]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Acacia Studio Macro Photography Nairobi Yoga Namaste Yoga Yogi corporates Tue, 18 Nov 2014 18:44:59 GMT
Humans of Addis I spent a week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I spent it mostly in an informally settled community outside the city.  What an amazing city Addis is. Playing on the famous Humans of New York (HONY) campaign, I call this series Humans of Addis. In the course of every home visit, every conversation with health workers and community members there was a story. A story of difficulty slowly transformed to hope. Truth is we all carry the same human story, and thats what I share today, visually through the smiles, stares, actions and dreams captured in these photos.  I generally don't caption my photos, you can read the stories on my instagram account. This is dedicated simply to the visual story. 







]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Addis Ethiopia Humans of Addis Sat, 15 Nov 2014 16:48:36 GMT
Season Opener At Kulabu The opening weekend of the Kenya Cup 2014-2015 finds us at Railways Club, home of Mwamba RFC. Also known as Kulabu. In case you haven't noticed by the monopoly of on my sports photography, I support Mwamba. What a way to open a season than with a win over Impala RFC. With the Nairobi CBD skyline as our backdrop, Kulabu took the victory 40-24. Here are just a select few of my favorites from the game, the rest and other games from the past 2 seasons can be found on the Kulabu Facebook page. As always, enjoy! 




]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) 15s Kenya Kenya Cup Kulabu Mwamba RFC Railways Club Rugby Sat, 08 Nov 2014 21:43:23 GMT
Beauty Refined by Fire Took my camera with me on a day trip to the home of Kitengela Hot Glass. I've never see how glass was blown before. Its amazing to think that something so beautiful as glass work endures such a grueling process of darkness, scorching heat towards the refinement of its finished form. Like life, beauty is born through fire.  Here are some of the eye catching moments. What struck most in these shots are light, color, and focus. Enjoy! These images and others from this set are available for purchase as products or digital download

]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) kitengela Hot Glass Fri, 07 Nov 2014 13:59:27 GMT
Our Love Bleeds Black I had the joy of capturing a very special milestone for a lovely couple at their home turf: Mwamba RFC, a club important to them both. Don't let the blog title spook you: In honor of the team's colors, all Mwamba supporters bleed black! These are just a few of my personal favorites form that very sunny and hot Sunday afternoon in Nairobi! 





]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Engagement photos Kulabu Mwamba RFC Railways Club Mon, 27 Oct 2014 20:46:50 GMT
Kabeberi Sevens The 2014 George Mwangi Kabeberi Memorial Sevens was on this past weekend. Its been long since I last shot sports. Here are the highlights. Im feeling a little rusty

]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) 7s Kabeberi 7s Kenya Kenya Cup Kulabu Mwamba RFC Railways Club Rugby Mon, 04 Aug 2014 17:29:13 GMT
Down Under in Philip's Island After the closing ceremony of the conference, I went exploring at Philip's Island to see the small penguin parade. This is when swarms of these little guys come from the ocean at dusk to safely get back to their burrows on land. Sadly no photography allowed, however this was what my eyes caught along the way there. These images, and others in this set, are available to purchase as products or digital download. 


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International AIDS Conference 2014 As I write this from my hotel in Melbourne, Australia, jet lag is making sleep totally impossible. I decided to break up my next series of posts of my time here for the International AIDS conference into two. My time in and around the conference. And then the few moments I have to explore the city's incredible design and street art. This first post is dedicated to the conference days: the people, art, eye catching visuals. I am a public health professional by calling. My life's work is dedicated to responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis. It is now more than ever a rights, social and political issue far more than one of medical or even economics. It preys  and thrives in marginalization. Humanity's only hope to bring an end to the virus is to embrace all people with equity, justice, freedom, inclusion and a commitment to create a global society that protects one and all. We need legal frameworks that criminalize intolerance,  hate-driven ideology and oppression. Enjoy! These images, and others from this set, are available for purchase as products or digital download.

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Mind's Eye Searches The Copper Belt As a public health practitioner my day job takes me into the depths of community health in different countries across the African continent. My last field trip took me on a journey into the Copperbelt in Zambia to visit projects that expand access to safe water. These are some of the moments that captured my eye along the way. Water is life. We take so much for granted how accessible it is to us. 

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Mind's Eye in Barçelona Wine and cava tasting, the spectacularly larger than life Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. Park Güelle. Tapas upon tapas, upon tapas.... upon tapas. A cold and rainy Barçelona math. Prayers at the top of Monterrat. My wandering mind's eye was happily shutter crazy in  Barçelona for a week filled with memories and sights I'll never forget.


Birmingham Fotography - Esther-128Birmingham Fotography - Esther-128

]]> (Nadia Kist Photography) Fri, 11 Jul 2014 13:58:23 GMT
Director in the Big Apple The FABULOUS film and television Director, Ekwa Msangi let her spirit SHINE in this photo shoot for upcoming promotional work. With a backdrop of New York City's Lower East Side, who wouldn't be inspired by both a vibrant subject in the world's greatest City? She is hands down one of the most gifted, powerful and humble people I know and it was a real honor to have an afternoon to capture the creative force she is! 

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Milestones of a Family I recently had the privilege of shooting a special milestone for dear friends of mine. We went back to the same spot where we shot pregnancy photos about 7 months earlier to take 6-month photos of their first born precious baby boy. We re-created the same shots they took as an expectant couple, with  their little bundle now on the outside. Thank you for choosing me to capture such precious milestones!


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